What is vRLI (vRealize LogInsight 4.x)

With the growing infrastructure and huge amount of  components (both physical as well as virtual) accountability and availability of these components are also increasing. Every time if there is any incident and customer logs a case with vendor support team the first thing they ask for is Logs. With the increase in number of various software components... Continue Reading →

vROps 6.5 What’s new..!

vROps has always been a trusted product for monitoring & forensics and customers have relied on its ability to analyze their infrastructure to get a holistic view of the environment. With the GA release of vROps 6.5 the abilities of this product have gone even far and some out of the box features make this release more... Continue Reading →

VMWare+AWS -“Breaking Myths”

VMWare+AWS partnership has been a hot topics since the day both giants announced their partnership. Many customers are showing their interest to adopt this strategy so that they can take advantages from both the worlds. Last week I got chance to attend session focused on this topic and many caveats got clear as how this integration... Continue Reading →

Importing & Exporting vROps Dashboard

In my last post I discussed about creating custom dashboard in vROps. But many a times there comes a situation where customer wants to import dashboards or views into their vROps environment or export an existing dashboard  (.json) to be used to another vROps system. This is very much possible and in vROps and the... Continue Reading →

Creating custom View for vROps 6.4 Dashboard

Views & Dashboard are one of the most common reason for customers adopting vROps in their environment. Just by looking at it they can know the current status of their infrastructure and estimate their future projections. However vROps comes preloaded with various views & dashboard options but customers can always configure views of their choice which... Continue Reading →

vROps 6.4 Dashboard Overview

In my previous post I wrote about upgrading your existing vROps environment (6.0) to 6.4 Considering the case when it has been upgraded to latest version i.e. vROps 6.4 what new features or functionalities it brings to the table. From features standpoint there are whole bunch of new features but in this post I'll be... Continue Reading →

How strong is your Foundation..?

There is a very obvious question which comes to anyone's mind while starting of with virtualization which hypervisor to choose from - which will eventually become your FOUNDATION. Considering the diversify hypervisor market these days it is a wide choice to make. Last month VMWare released it's flagship hypervisor suit vSphere 6.5 with tones of new features... Continue Reading →

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