VMware on AWS – What’s in the box


Earlier this year I wrote a blog on VMware & AWS initial service offerings and it was well received by the community. Now that idea has matured in the form of a GA product and with VMWorld 2017 VMware will be starting this offer for customers.

So let’s discuss a little bit on what will be offered to end customers in this service and who will own/manage what.

Service Architecture:

As I mentioned in my earlier blog in VMware on AWS service offering there will be bare metal ESXi hosts (vSphere 6.5 or above)  inside AWS datacenter. VMware will use EC2 API for deploying these hosts which means provisioning a host may take less than 15 minutes. 

Each ESXi host in this offering will have 36 Physical cores, 512 GB Memory and 11 TB NVMe SSD storage which will come from vSAN by combining SSDs to shared storage pools and it will provide core storage services. NSX simplifies core networking part and provides security perimeters and will be responsible for stretching customer’s on-premise network to AWS perimeters. Customers can start their deployment with 4-6 node cluster and later on as per their need they can grow or shrink their infrastructure. With Hybrid linked mode customer can manage their on-premise and AWS vCenter with the same web-console and perform seamless migrations across two datacenter.

Customer will have their separate AWS account which they can use to leverage native AWS services like EC2, S3 etc while running their workload on vSphere platform – this is done via establishing low latency high bandwidth VPC tunnel through AWS environment. Various 3rd party solutions across wide category of  DevOps and Management and also supported in this model.



Initial Availability:

This service is initially available in US West (Oregon) starting September 2017 and with the course of time it will be available in rest of the world. Since VMware-AWS partnership is growing fast so we can assume that by next year this service will be available in most parts of the world.

With initial availability of VMware on AWS service customer can leverage vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation and vRealize Business for Cloud  to provides unified cloud management across the platforms. Later in the course of time more products will join this packaging and customer can take advantage of those as well for unified infrastructure management.

No Compliance certificate will be given to the customer during initial availability of this service. Initial availability of this service supports only cold migration and template based portability to and from VMware on AWS with hourly consumption model.


Support Model:

This service is solely offered by VMware hence the point of contact for customer will be VMware only. VMware support will be responsible for various Day-2 operations like upgrading or maintenance of vSphere infrastructure. Customer can be well assured that in this service offering their workload will be running on the latest product versions so that they can take advantage of all latest-and-greatest features offered in that release. This is included in their SKU pricing and customer need not to pay extra for it. Detailed pricing information for this support model is can be checked from this link. In terms of who owns what – customer will be responsible for managing and operating their workloads running as guest OS in the environment (on -premis + cloud).

VMware will offer 24×7 support model for its customer with Sev-1 Response time 30 minutes or less. VMware will also offer SaaS support model for this offering which means customer can chat with support executives for quick assistance.

From status link (https://status.vmware-services.io/) customer can subscribe to email /SMS notifications or RSS feed if there are any issues  with any of the services offered by VMware . Any future maintenance downtime information is also published on this page.


How to be ready for this offering:

Any customer who wishes to consume this service for their organization needs to first upgrade their vSphere environment to version 6.5 (or above). Also they should start evaluating their cloud requirement (if haven’t done yet) to understand how they can align themselves for VMware on AWS offering and leverage from it. Finally they should first focus on their Dev/Test workload use cases which they plan to move to cloud.

VMware on AWS is just a beginning of a new Cloud era where customer can take advantage of best of both worlds and seamlessly migrate their workloads from on-premise to Cloud and vice-versa without any disruption. This blog was just a high level glance of what this service may look like and what all we expect OOTB. More details on VMC on AWS can found at this link

There is more to be discussed which I’ll be mentioning in my up-coming blog .. with this I end this blog…. till then Happy Reading… 🙂


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