List VS Trend View in vROPs

Recently I was approached by a customer looking for a question that they are capturing a specific metrics (VirtualDisk: Aggregate of all Instance | Commands Per Seconds) using vROps view in their environment. Now they wanted to understand how different are the values in terms of using a view List vs Trend and which one to use... Continue Reading →


PowerShell script for ESXi hardening

With each release of VMware new hypervisor vmware releases its security hardening guide. It contains various best practices according to which customers need to set up their environment. However not all the customer (I know) follow all the best practice steps - because sometimes their environment doesn't allow them to make certain changes  or due to... Continue Reading →

PowerCLI for vROps – Getting started

PowerCLI or PowerShell scripting is a great way to automate day-to-day tasks as well as performing complex operations. There are large number of customers who extensively use PowerCLI within their vSphere environment to fetch various infrastructure related details. One can write a simple script to get VM, Datastore, Cluster and many more results within no time.... Continue Reading →

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