Using vROps (6.5) Custom Group for troubleshooting

Recently I came across a situation where one of my customer was troubleshooting cluster performance issue using vROps (6.2) and they were stuck at the point where predefined metrics were available and they had to check relevant information from available  options. That’s when I realized how important is Creating Custom Group functionality which was introduced with vROps 6.5

So I decided to write my blog specific to this feature, however I have discussed various new features introduced with vROps 6.5 in my previous blog as well but here I will discuss only about Creating Custom group, Adding desired metrics to that group and applying it to Host Cluster

Hypothetical Situation: There are multiple performance related problem in ProdCluster and as an admin we need to investigate what is causing this resource contention. Also we need to check cluster vise CPU & Memory resource utilization and identify if there is any resource crunch

Plan: In order to achieve this using vROps 6.5 we need to create a Custom Group and add relevant CPU & Memory metrics in it so that it can start collecting the information. Then we need to apply this Custom Group to ProdCluster and monitor for contention related problems

Having said that, let’s see how we can achieve this goal:

  1. Login to vROps ProductUI (using admin user or the user which has equivalent rights). Click on Environment and under vSphere World browse till cluster level. In my case I’m taking ProdCluster
  2. Select ProdCluster and on right side click on All Metrics click on the gear icon and select Add Group


3. Provide a user-friendly name to the newly created group and click OK 


      4. Once the custom group is created it can be seen under object relationship. Now we             need to add relevant metrics to this group so that it can collect data to satisfy above            hypothetical situation. In order to do that we need to add below metrics.

CPU|CPU Contention (%)
CPU|CPU Usage (%)
CPU|CPU Demand (%)
Memory|Memory Contention (%)
Memory|Memory Usage (%)
Memory|Memory Demand (%)


In order to do that simply select the desired metrics from the All Metrics list and drag-and-drop it to the newly create group ( i.e. Sid_Custom_01).



     5. Once all the metrics are dropped to the group then simply double clicking the group          will display the performance results on right hand side. As we can see from the                  screenshot that the metrics selected for this groups are visible inside it. With this                data now it become easy to view only that information which is necessary


Creating custom group gives a complete freedom in the hands of admin to create metrics of their choice and look at only that piece of information which can be useful for a specific piece of troubleshooting.

Please keep in mind that  Creating Custom Group option is available in vROps 6.5 so in order to leverage this customer have to first upgrade their environment to this release. I have discussed in my previous blog about upgrading your vROPs environment to 6.5, so please take a look to the upgrade process.

With this I end this blog… I hope it helps.. till then Happy Reading 🙂


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