vCenter Performance Charts VS vROps Reporting.. Getting it RIGHT…

Many a times administrator face a situation where they have two different perspectives to look at their infrastructure - traditional way to look at performance charts (from vCenter) and another is vROps performance reporting. But sometimes both of these approaches contradict with each other in terms of its various values. This happens mostly while understanding vCPU/vRAM... Continue Reading →

Importing & Exporting vROps Dashboard

In my last post I discussed about creating custom dashboard in vROps. But many a times there comes a situation where customer wants to import dashboards or views into their vROps environment or export an existing dashboard  (.json) to be used to another vROps system. This is very much possible and in vROps and the... Continue Reading →

Creating custom View for vROps 6.4 Dashboard

Views & Dashboard are one of the most common reason for customers adopting vROps in their environment. Just by looking at it they can know the current status of their infrastructure and estimate their future projections. However vROps comes preloaded with various views & dashboard options but customers can always configure views of their choice which... Continue Reading →

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