Network utilization report in vROps 6.4

Recently one of my customer has asked how they can gather network stats for their VDI environment. The answer to this question is a report template in vROps 6.4 which can provide you last 30 days network usage on per vm level. This report is helpful in situation where administrator wants to gather information as to which virtual machine (or VDI in my case) used how much of network I/O.

This report can be generated very easily from vROps console following below steps:

  1. Login to vROps webUI and navigate to Reports – under Report Templates you will see many default reports. Besides All Filters type network and hit enter. The result will be similar to the screenshot below, select the one highlighted VMs Min/Max/Avg Network Usage (KBps) 30 Days List View Report


2. Once the appropriate option is selected click on Run Template and below shown dialog         box will appear. Select the desired Datacenter or Cluster object on which you want to             generate network utilization report


3. Once the report generation is completed it will be seen under Generate Reports tab                 and it can be downloaded in either .pdf or .csv format.


This detailed report demonstrate network utilization on per vm basis and customer can leverage to identify which virtual machine has used how much of network I/Os in past 30 days. Likewise many more custom reports can be created to fetch more details from vROps.

I’ll be posting more on vROps reporting and various types of Custom reports and Super Metrics in my future posts, till then Happy Reading…



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