vROps 6.4 Dashboard Overview

In my previous post I wrote about upgrading your existing vROps environment (6.0) to 6.4 Considering the case when it has been upgraded to latest version i.e. vROps 6.4 what new features or functionalities it brings to the table. From features standpoint there are whole bunch of new features but in this post I'll be... Continue Reading →


How strong is your Foundation..?

There is a very obvious question which comes to anyone's mind while starting of with virtualization which hypervisor to choose from - which will eventually become your FOUNDATION. Considering the diversify hypervisor market these days it is a wide choice to make. Last month VMWare released it's¬†flagship hypervisor suit¬†vSphere 6.5 with tones of new features... Continue Reading →

The first thing which comes in mind while talking about HCI (Hyper Converged Infrastructure) is whether it is a reliable solution or not. Enterprise organizations who have spent millions of $$ and years of experience into 3-Tier architecture may find it a bitter sip to gulp. However as per Gartner's report for year 2016 expected... Continue Reading →

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