What’s new in vSphere 8

This would have been a long long time since I'm writing this blog post and a lot has happened in the last few years. I changed my role within VMware (India) and moved into a different team, the entire world was hit by the pandemic and finally, I left VMware and moved to a different... Continue Reading →

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vROps 7.0 – Self Driving Operations (Part 03)

With this blog we have come to the final pillar of Self Driving Data center operations which is Intelligent Remediation. In case if you haven't read my earlier blog posts i.e. Part 01 & Part 02 of self driving data center operations, I'll highly recommend you to please go through it so that you can relate... Continue Reading →

Running Enterprise Applications on vSphere

There are plenty of misconceptions while moving the workload from Physical to Virtual world. Customer sometimes assume that while virtualizing their infrastructure concepts application behavior may change - which is not the real case. Recently I was working on one engagement with one of VMware's large customer and they are planning to virtualize few core... Continue Reading →

VMware vROps Specialist Exam (2VB-602) Experience

Last month VMware has finally released vRealize Operations 2017 Specialist exam (2VB-602). Going by the quote "VMware vRealize Operations 2017 Specialist is a technical professional who plans, manages and helps scale software-defined data center (SDDC) and multi-cloud environments through unified monitoring, automated performance management, cloud planning and capacity optimization. The badge holder helps organizations streamline and... Continue Reading →

Install EPops agent on AIX System

Recently I was approached by my customer where they wanted to monitor their existing AIX server via vROps. Since vROps claims to monitor any environment as long as it is supported within the matrix so I asked customer about their end goal as what are they looking to monitor from their AIX platform. The outcome... Continue Reading →

vROps dashboard for Idle VMs

Recently there was a request from one of customer to have some mechanism to capture idle VM information from their infrastructure. However this information is part of Efficiency tab of vROps but there are some points which needs to be considered before coming to conclusion. Ideally Efficiency tab calculates average utilization of resources based upon... Continue Reading →

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